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La Paloma cover.jpeg
La Paloma (2023)  

A beautiful infectious Tango.
Daybreak cover.JPG
Daybreak (2022)  

A groovin' Smooth Jazz tune.  

Open Road (2021)  

Take a road trip with this acoustic rock.
The Golden Coast.jpeg
The Golden Coast (2021)  

A cool California beat. You can practically feel the ocean breeze.

Ventura Blvd (2016)  


Dan's latest album inspired by the historic jazz clubs of yesteryear.


1. Three of a Kind                           

2. Cuttin' Heads                          

3. Julianna                 

4. Changes                               

5. As the Leaves Fall                              


6. Ventura Blvd

7. Skin the Cat

8. A Promise

9. Coastline

10. In Their Eyes



Live In Concert (2012)


A live sold-out concert recorded at the prestigous Falcon Theatre in Los Angeles.


1. La Serenata                           

2. La Mezquita                          

3. Toma Que Toma                 

4. Nocturne                               

5. El Viajero                              

6. Daniella Bella                       

7. Cumbia Para Mi Gente

8. Song For Gloria

9. Carnaval en Madrid

10. Forever Isn't Enough

11. Caravan Jam

12. I Still need You

13. Rise


The Road To Euphoria (2011)


Dan's sophmore album picks up where the first album leaves off.  Beauty, power and grace

will lead you to euphoria.


1. La Serenata

2. El Viajero

3. Lagrimas

4. Toma Que Toma

5. Daniella Bella

6. Cumbia Para Mi Gente

7. I Still Need You

8. Tres Cuerdas

9. Caravan Jam

10. Lagrimas (Reprise)

In The Midnight Hours (2007)


Dan's debut solo album.  An incredible mix of latin, classical and world styles.


1. La Mezquita

2. Nocturne

3. Contigo

4. Midnight Waltz

5. Carnaval en Madrid

6. Going home

7. Pocho Jarocho

8. Rise

9. Song For Gloria

10. Forever Isn't Enough

11. Song For Gloria - String Quartet Version

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