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Let's talk!

Q: How much does it cost to have Dan produce or mix my music?


A: That is a hard question to answer without hearing your music first.  Is your song a piano ballad or do you want a full scale pop production?  Drop us a line in the contact page so we can discuss! 


Q: Will Dan co-write a song with me?


A: This is another case by case basis that is determined by the artist’s goals and Dan’s availability. 


Q: I’m a singer but I don’t write music, can we still record a song?


A:  Absolutely.  Dan may have the perfect song for you.  He has a team of songwriters to help create the perfect song for your vision.  


Q: I don’t live in Los Angeles, can we work on a song remotely?


A: Yes!  Technology has given us ways to communicate while being on different sides of the planet.  Through Zoom or other mediums, we can collaborate on a song just as if we were in the same room together.  Dan has done Zoom sessions all over the United States, South America, Europe, Australia and China.  


Q:  Can you help me with photos, artwork, music video, getting my song on Spotify, promotion, etc.


A: While Dan focuses on music production, he founded a company called Mama Bear Music with his wife Gloria.  Mama Bear Music handles all aspects of an artist's growth and development and guides them towards a successful career in music.  Visit for more information. 

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